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write to president Barack Obama about free tree of fruits

the world is our home but not the hell of growing all price of life even by growing oil price+growing global worming and growing more then million of free tree of fruits every year is maybe bad for some but good for all! 

the world fruit market is ok and i am not saying thy did something wrong but we must have to grow more then million of free tree of fruit every year for one and all before all world fruit price grow by growing oil price and just look at the past 10 year price of life and so how will be next 20 year price of life for our grand children? 

this is what i have write to president Barack Obama from web and Facebook and still waiting for what will happen after this because some most do something in time like this and i wish maybe you can do more good then i do or can think what most do even if i am wrong or crazy 

Dear president Barack Obama 

just have 3 point like now or never to president Barack Obama & to the world 

1-it's about 
how just one act of power can safe all poor hungry people and maybe drop 10% risk of criminal+cutting tree+fear of growing oil price and to safe money+hope of wfp and help global worming and bring smile on million of poor child in each day from just one act of power and yes sire! Just one act of power only

2-the one act of power is in your hand because you can create one new foundation or program like (the world free tree of fruits) wftof! and you can call all world to join to work together in it! And world will give help and donation or create new method to make money for this! And can Teach and share and grow the wisdom about the tree of fruit in world! And can grow more then million of free tree of fruit in every year at every poor people area in city or road or mountain and it will not cost million of dollar each year but can help million of life for sure! and all it take is just to give only one wake up call to the world 

3-growing more then million of free tree of fruits is very important today because the food will end but the free tree of fruits will still keep growing and growing tree of fruit Is not like agriculture or farming vegetable that need to work over and over each year that cost nothing to grow easy after earth energy drop 80% by it and most of people will cut tree but will not cut the tree of fruits because thy don't know what is global worming but thy know what is food!
and The Indonesia gov has give free tree of fruit to grow In most of family and today the most of family has more kind of big tree of fruit that can grow in year easily but this free tree of fruit is not free for poor hungry people and today There is more tree on mountain and city and road and poor people area but this tree are not even tree of fruit at all and I always have dream of making this all tree become free tree of fruit one day to Chang the face and heart of world by your just one act of power 

Thanks for your time and I love you 
Promise me! You can hear me!
Promise me! Nobody will going to die by hunger in world from now on! Let there be smile on millions of children face in each day even when have only free tree of fruits where some trader cry each day even when have more then billion of dollar!